• Image of The Alialujah Choir | CD

Alialujah Choir's limited self-release debut.
Woodphone / Jealous Butcher 2012

"While it seems that the Alialujah Choir have worked hard to keep themselves in line, the musical connection that permeates the trio is something that exists far beyond anyone's command. For instance, on the standout track "A House a Home"—the song that's ultimately responsible for the band's inception—every third line finds Shearer, Selzer, and Farah singing together in bone-chilling, otherworldly attunement that eventually collapses into an astral haze of hand claps and improvised piano. And even in the more gossamer moments on their self-titled debut—of which there are many—all of their voices come together and resound above the spare instrumentation, thus packing the exhilarating punch of a sprawling chorale." - The Portland Mercury