• Image of Demersville | CD

John Weinland, the predecessor to WEINLAND, self-released Demersville in 2007 on a fictitious record label called Woodphone Records. Woodphone Records, as you know it today, is named for this rouse.

"Adam Shearer, the lead singer of the band John Weinland, is one of the strongest young songwriters in this city. An acoustic strummer, Shearer is, in his whispered lyricism and his gift for imagery, an heir to Elliott Smith. He also shares that late songwriter's obsession with distance and an unattainable peace of mind, as heard on John Weinland's first official release, Demersville (self-released). But there is also a great divide between the songwriters. Here among the country-tinged arrangements and patient instrumental interludes, Shearer has managed to interweave his sad songs with something that rarely occurs in Smith's compositions: hope." Willamette Week