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RISE & SHINE Track Listing of Songs and Artists

RISE (disc one):
Sara Jackson-Holman – “For Albert”
McDougall – “Ready, Begin 1”
Casey Neill & The Norway Rats – “All Summer Glory”
Crown Point – “The Room”
Parson Red Heads – “Burning Up The Sky”
Allalujah Choir – “I Swear I Saw You”
New York Rifles – “Girl Shaped Girl”
AgesandAges – “So So Freely”
Water Tower – “Anthem”
Weinland – “Los Processaur”
The Usual Suspects – “Tell Me Why”
Kasey Anderson & The Honkies – “Like Teenage Gravity”
Derby – “Common Sense”
The Dimes – “Take Me Away”
Typhoon – “Summer Home”
Y La Bamba – “8 Ponce Pilato”
1491 – “Night & Day”
Dead Rock West – “God Help Me”
Chervona – “Reality Show”
Richmond Fontaine – “You Can Move Back Here”

SHINE (disc two):
The Dandy Warhols – “Sad Vacation”
Sassparilla – “Threadbare”
Blind Pilot – “Half Moon”
Priory with Stephen Malkmus (of Pavement) – “Put ‘Em Up”
Goldenboy w/ Elliott Smith – “Summertime”
Blitzen Trapper – “Might Find It Cheap”
Black Prairie – “Do You Believe?”
Perhapst – “Incense Cone”
Dolorean – “I Wanna Live”
Floater – “Wondering”
Radiation City – “Hide From The Night”
Holcombe Waller – “Hardliners”
Loch Lomond – “Kicking With Your Feet”
The Minus 5 – “Magnavox Lane”
Lost Lander – “Afraid of Summer”
Sally Ford & The Sound Outside – “Not An Animal”
Say Hi – “Devils”
Ramona Falls – “Spore”
Pink Martini – “Aspettami (The First Recording)”
Horse Feathers – “Fit Against the Country”