• Image of Daniel Charles Hunt | Inside Passage | Series 33 LP

This vinyl edition is a Series 33 release, limited to 33 copies.

Daniel Hunt (Neko Case, Laura Gibson, Ages and Ages, Alialujah Choir) announces his debut solo record Inside Passage.

Inside Passage is the percussive sound map inspired by Daniel’s month-long sailboat journey from Seattle to Juneau in 2010. The beating of sails, thrashing of water against the hull and halyards slicing through the wind are retold through vibraphone, ukelin, cuicas, metal bowls, kalimbas and other self-made percussive inventions. Field recordings from the actual trip as well as sounds produced on Oregon artist Lee Kelly's gigantic metal sculptures are dispersed throughout the compositions.

Each piece captures high and low points in the nautical adventure through the untamed Pacific Northwest coast. Ford’s Terror Hummingbirds tells the playful story of Rufous hummingbirds tirelessly attacking all things red on the boat while Grizzlies chomp decaying salmon on the pristine, unreachable shore. In Dundas Island Ice Storm, the ship attempts to outrun massive waves aimed at the stern and duck into a protective island inlet, only to be bombarded by dime-sized ice pellets. The repetitive rhythms of Grenville and Lowe mimic the boat trudging up a steep, narrow fjord through a relentless headwind, then bruising the egos of its sailors by beaching on a tidal plain. Through screaming metal springs and hi-hat rasps, Cross Channel Klemtu relives the bald eagles perched along the entire route, acting as directional beacons leading to the next abandoned fishing village or anchorage.

The title Inside Passage, while explicitly referring to the nautical route by the same name, also became representative of Daniel’s internal journey while making the record as he prepared for the birth of his first child, Ramona.

The album was tracked and mixed in Daniel's basement and at Type Foundry studios with the help of Adam Thompson (Thao and the Get Down Stay Down).

Inside Passage will be released in 2 parts.

The first being part of Jealous Butchers limited edition Series 33 project, where only 33 copies of the record are pressed and the records come in one of three unique jackets.

Included with the Series 33 release are:
• A digital download of the album

• 3 art prints by Portland-based artist Christina Conant

• A one-of-a-kind map cut of the British Columbia coast handmade by Daniel himself (also a cartographer).

The second part will be a standard vinyl edition released in conjunction with our partners at Woodphone Records in April 2016. This edition will be housed in a jacket with a different print than those used for the Series 33 edition.